My wife to-be needed a new computer, so I gave her my 2018 MBP and made use of this opportunity to buy the new M1 MBP 13".

And so I decided it was time to brush up my setup and give it some new look & feel !

Previous Setup

I’ve been a Mac fan since I won a little Macbook Air 11" at a hackathon. To be clear, I was planning on giving it as a gift. Everything changed when I started using it out of curiosity.. eheh.

Before that I had a Windows 7 / OpenSuse dual boot on a HP machine I had for school. Nothing very exciting, no IDE and some basic configuration for emacs. Windows was for gaming, what else would you use it for anyways ?


Luc Sydney Georges

Software / Data Engineer. Curious learner. Rust enthusiast 🦀

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